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Green cleaning refers to a new-age cleaning method that is aimed at reducing garment care’s impact on our planet. As an alternative to the toxic common solvent of conventional dry cleaning, perchloroethylene (perc), the green dry-cleaning method uses liquid carbon-di-oxide, hydrocarbon, or silicon-based cleaners for its washing process. As a certified environmental dry cleaner affiliated with GreenEarth® Cleaning Company, Brite Star Cleaners commits to eco-friendly cleaning in Toronto for all your garments. Using GreenEarth®’s silicon solution for our dry-cleaning process not only makes our procedure toxic free, but also helps clean and rinse your clothes more gently, thereby reducing further wear and tear of fabric.

Wet Cleaning

Brite Star Cleaning is proud to have installed computer-controlled washing machines with moisture sensitive dryers to offer you wet cleaning as an option for your clothing items. Resembling a gentler home laundering method, wet cleaning is claimed to be the best alternative solution to perc involved dry cleaning in today’s times. In contrast to dry cleaning, which uses no water, wet cleaning uses little amount of water with biodegradable detergents to take proper care of your “dry clean” only fabrics such as wool, silk, and so on. Benefit from wet washing your clothes for better stain removal, whiter whites, no chemical odours or residue, and brighter colours with no fading issues.

Wet cleaning

Garment Cleaning

Using green cleaning products, instead of petrochemicals and other toxic cleaning detergents, Brite Star Cleaners provides everyday garment cleaning services for its customers in Toronto. We also take up minor repairs, and other alteration work for your garment such as sewing up missing buttons, stay collar inspections, and so on. Rely on us to get your shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, and suits made of any kind of fabric look and smell as fresh as new.

Garment Cleaning

Wash and Fold

Brite Star Cleaners are here to make your laundry worries vanish. Using eco-friendly laundry detergents and fabric softeners, we provide quality washing and folding services for your regular clothing items which do not require dry cleaning. You can leave it to our professionals to segregate light and dark coloured clothing, wash them separately at right temperatures, and later dry and fold your clothes all neat and tidy. We also offer reusable laundry bags for your convenience.

From sustainable dry-cleaning and wet cleaning services for your fine garment to quality wash and fold laundry services for your everyday wear, contact us at Brite Star Chemicals for careful handling of your clothes in Toronto.

Wash and fold
washing machine

Avail Same-Day Dry Cleaning

Drop your clothing items before 08:00 AM at our store and get them ready for pick-up on the same day

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