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Give your fur and leather coats a truly royal treatment at Brite Star Cleaners. We provide professional fur cleaning services in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our professionals are properly equipped and trained to clean fur and leather without causing any damages to your coat. It is important that you seek professional help to remove the dust and dirt stuck to your fur to maintain and protect the integrity of your coat. 

At Brite Star Cleaners, we provide sustainable cleaning solutions by using eco-friendly products to clean your leather garments, fur coats, and accessories. We recommend you get your fur cleaned every year and kept out of the heat to protect the consistency of the fur layers. Our professionals take special measures for furs and leather items during the non-toxic cleaning process in order to retain their original texture. 

We’d love to talk to you and assist with your cleaning service needs. Contact us today.

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Drop your clothing items before 08:00 AM at our store and get them ready for pick-up on same day

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