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Some of our clothes are not just expensive, they are emotionally attached to a life event and are thereby precious to us. Such precious clothes like your wedding gown, first formal suit, and so on, are exposed to possible wear and tear and require necessary cleaning and appropriate storage. We at Brite Star Cleaners understand that your designer wear garment pieces are expensive and important to you, and that they require extra care. We make sure to provide you the same by offering quality designer garment cleaning services in Toronto.

Our team examines every stain, loose button, and torn lacing, and takes care to remedy your garments into proper condition. Choosing Brite Star Cleaners translates into choosing proper storage and detailed attentive care for your wedding gown and precious designer wear. We provide on-site cleaning using delicate soap and other environment friendly cleaning products for your blouses with leather sequences, designer gowns, wedding dresses and gowns, suits and tuxedo, and lot more. 

Request for preservation of your wedding gown with Brite Star Cleaners or visit our store today to drop-off your designer wear for quality dry-cleaning services.

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Avail Same-Day Dry Cleaning

Drop your clothing items before 08:00 AM at our store and get them ready for pick-up on the same day

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