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Green Dry-Cleaning and Laundry Services in Toronto

We propose to take better care of your clothes and dry-cleaning items.


In a world where a perfect dry-cleaning experience is only a dream, Brite Star Cleaners comes to you as an exception. In business for over 50 years, we come with expert knowledge and extra concern for handling all your dry-cleaning needs. With customer satisfaction as priority, Brite Star Cleaners are your friendly dry cleaners in Toronto for all clothes that require a fresh look and feel.

Offering attentive and specialized garment care services without compromising on quality craftsmanship, Brite Star Cleaners is more than just a dry-cleaning service provider. Affiliated with GreenEarth® Cleaning, we care for your clothes, your well-being, as well as our environment. As a certified environmental dry cleaner, we have taken all measures to ensure that our cleaning process is toxic-free and eco-friendly in nature. To take things a notch higher, we offer reusable laundry bags for our customers’ convenience, aiming towards a better tomorrow.

About Brite Star Cleaners

Brite Star Dry Cleaners has served the Greater Toronto Area since 1967 and has retained most of their customers due to the quality of work delivered in quick turnover periods. Our business philosophy is simple: to return customer’s clothing items cleaner and in better condition than when received. We want our customers to expect nothing but expert treatment of their clothes and honest pricing for quality services at Brite Star Cleaners.

The Majority Of Our Services Are Done Within Store Premises

Most of our services, ranging from regular laundering, alteration work, to wedding gown preservation, are undertaken and performed within the premises of our store. With all the cleaning done on-site, we can ensure our customers with no missing or damage to any items and a quick pick-up of their laundry order once it’s ready.

The Range of Services We Offer:

Professional Affiliations

GreenEarth® Cleaning
dry clean

Choose Green Dry-Cleaning

We provide eco-friendly alternatives to conventional dry-cleaning.


We Can Help You Look Your Best

We offer in-house same-day alteration services for minor garment adjustments and repair.


Toronto’s Dependable Dry-Cleaning Services

We offer expert and quality garment care and dry-cleaning services.

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